Donate to ‘Echoes of Ghadar’

Thank you so much for all of your generous donations. Thanks to your contributions, our May benefit and other support outside of the online campaign, we are almost at $15,000 out of our $20,000 budget. This is amazing!

The SASI Organizing Collective and the Ghadar Convergence Organizing team thanks you from the bottom our hearts for your support and faith in our work. Onward now to focusing on building with our speakers on South Asia and here and getting to the fun and creative shaping of the program!!!

If you would like to still donate to us, you may do so through the Singh Foundation.

Pay to the order of “Singh Foundation

(Memo lineSASI Ghadar Convergence)

Mail to: c/o Sekhar Ramakrishnan
Singh Foundation
              50 W 97 ST.  #15T
             New York, NY 10025

You can also make a donation using our Paypal account at the Singh Foundation.

For a better world,

South Asia Solidarity Initiative (Organizing Collective)


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