Ghadar Convergence Organizing Recruitment Meeting in NYC! — Feb. 17th at 1 pm (CUNY Graduate Center)

Ghadar-PartyGeneral Call to join the convergence organizing team! Join us!

What:  Recruitment meeting for joining the organizing group for Ghadar Convergence in October 2013
When:  on Feb. 17th at 1pm
Where: Room 5409, at the CUNY Graduate Center (New York City) 

[Facebook Event Page Here]

In 1913, a group of South Asian immigrants called the Pacific Coast Hindustan Association formed the Ghadar Party in California. In coming decades, they would spread throughout the United States and Canada. They fought against imperialism, organized uprisings, and fought alongside comrades in South Asia. The party was formally dissolved in 1948; however their legacy continues to this day.

These revolutionaries ushered in a politics that demanded an active call to dismantle imperialism, racism and entrenched oppressive systems. It is a history that has too often been erased or forgotten, but one that many have built on for decades now nonetheless.

In October 2013, the South Asia Solidarity Initiative (SASI) is planning a two and a half day convergence in New York City to celebrate the foundation of the Ghadar Party. This is a grassroots, community organized event and we need your help and support! Taking its inspiration from the legacy of the Ghadar Party’s work, the anniversary convergence aims to delve into the questions of transformative politics and transnational solidarity. The convergence aims to create a platform for activists and groups based in South Asia and those located here in the US to share their experiences and thoughts on the current political challenges and build new links.

On February 17th, SASI will be holding a recruitment and informational meeting for anyone interested in helping us put together this convergence. This meeting is open to all.

We want you to help us plan, strategize, fundraise and ensure that we have a chance to learn from our revolutionary fore-bearers  Together, let us recover and harness our rich history to make room for new transnational model of solidarity and activism.

Join us in recognizing, celebrating and building on our revolutionary roots!

Recruitment meeting on Feb. 17th at 1pm Room 5409, at the CUNY Graduate Center.


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